Eclipse Tutorial for Beginners in 5 Steps

  • Git Repository -
  • Pre-requisites - Java & Eclipse -

If you are using mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

In Windows, use Window -> Preferences for Preferences.

Step By Step Details

  • Step 1 : Create a Java Project
    • Create and run a Java class
  • Step 2 : Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Ctrl + Space
      • BigDecimal - Auto Suggestion
      • Templates - main, fore, sysout, syserr
    • Ctrl + 1
      • File Name and Class Name does not match - Display Errors
      • Rename a Class - What suggestions are offered?
      • new Integer() - What suggestions are offered?
    • Ctrl + Shift + R (and T)
    • F3 (Goto declaration)
    • F4 (Type Hierarchy)
    • Ctrl + Shift + L
  • Step 3 : Views and Perspectives
  • Step 4 : Save Actions
  • Step 5 : Code Generation
    • Alt + Shift + S
      • Getters and Setters
      • toString()
      • equals()
      • hashcode()

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